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The Salisbury Poisonings Review

The one thing I really enjoyed about this series was how it looked at the people affected by the poisonings and not just the police side of it all. I feel often true crime series dramatisations can go down that route and it can get a bit samey and boring, however this one bought a lot more personality and intrigue to everything that happened.

The Salisbury Poisonings is a TV series that portrays the 2018 novichok poisonings against two Russian citizens living in the UK. Within the series we see what happened during the attack, how people reacted afterwards including residents of Salisbury, Wiltshire police and how they dealt with having a chemical weapon attack on their soil, as well as other people that were affected by the poisoning including the death of Dawn Sturgess.

This was a really interesting series. I live not too far away from Salisbury so it really hit close to home and with everything going on in the world you forget how big this attack was and how prominent it was in society because this could’ve changed everything. In the world there was such heightened tension around this time between the UK and Russia and what this all meant for us and I think everyone could feel that fear, and so to watch it again and see how the people of Salisbury responded and reacted to it, and how much of a mammoth task it was to contain the poison and deal with the aftermath was fascinating.

I really enjoyed the series. I think it did justice to what happened and made it all seem so real and scary. I especially enjoyed at the end we got to see the actual people that were included in the series and where they are now and what they are doing, and it’s just fascinating to think our lives have continued while this big thing happened just down the road yet their lives are forever changed by it, and you just cannot put into words how crazy that is.

If you enjoy crime series’ then I definitely recommend this one. It’s only three episodes long so it’s very easy to watch and it really does a good job condensing everything about the Salisbury poisonings that you need to know, as well as bringing to light to other things that may not have been as well-known to the public or weren’t as talked about because they weren’t seen as important enough. It really goes to show that you never know what will happen day by day and one persons actions can cause whole acts of terror and you do have to be so appreciative of what you have in the moment right now.

What do you think of the series?

Until next time.

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