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Suits Season One Review

Did I just watch this TV show for Meghan Markle? Yes. But I also wanted a new show to watch after binge watching How to Get Away with Murder many times, and as this one was recommended alongside that I thought it would fit the bill, and thankfully it did.

Suits follows a law firm that has some of the top lawyers within it as they battle legal disputes, as well as their own personal issues. The main character is Mike Ross, who reminds me a lot of Simon from The Inbetweeners in both looks and personality, and has been taking Harvard exams for students who do not believe they will be able to get a good enough grade to go to Harvard. This has helped him learn everything he needs to know about the law system and the only reason why he ends up at the law firm he does.

At a chance encounter Mike meets Harvey Specter, a lawyer who works for the law firm and decides to take Mike on as his new project as he needs someone to work with. However Harvey knows that Mike has never been to Harvard and this is the one rule that the law firm has about its employees, so we have the interesting stories of the legal disputes happening as well as Mike proving himself in the law courts and in the firm, as well as keeping up the huge secret that would make him lose his job immediately.

Alongside the storylines we also have a blossoming romance between Mike and Rachel who are colleagues at the law firm. There is also a character called Lewis who is incredibly awkward to watch, which is his whole character trait, and the fact that Mike’s ex best friend is a drug dealer adds to the storyline too as it doesn’t bode well with Mike being a lawyer. There’s lots of storylines going on to keep you interested and because each episode looks at a different case that also adds to the excitement of how they’re going to win the case and work around it, much like How to Get Away with Murder did.

The only issue I can see with this show is that it is quite repetitive. I had the same issue with Bones where each episode follows the same structure so after a while you know when the beats are going to happen and the different plot points and if you did binge watch this season, which can easily be done, it can get a bit repetitive. Thankfully though as it is only the first season I have not encountered that yet, but I do expect to possibly in the future if I continue to watch it as often as I am doing now.

However despite that I think Suits is a very interesting TV show and one that anyone who enjoys these sorts of shows could watch. It reminds me of How to Get Away with Murder, as I’ve mentioned, but also The Bold Type because it has that workplace setting where you’re watching these high achieving people do what you wish you could in your own life.

What do you think of Suits?

Until next time.

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