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Rosemary’s Baby Review

From what I know, Rosemary’s Baby has become a bit of a cult classic, but watching it I don’t really understand why. In my opinion, Rosemary’s Baby is way too long, not scary and overall a bit boring.


Rosemary’s Baby follows Rosemary and Guy who buy a new home and become friends with their neighbours. One night Rosemary eats something from one of her neighbours that causes her to become ill and hallucinate. During these hallucinations she is raped by the devil himself and impregnated. During the next nine months Rosemary starts going mad accusing the neighbours and her own husband of being witches and basically being seen as a mad woman. This is until she has the baby and it is revealed that she was right (I mean the audience knew that already, come on, we saw the rape) and that the baby will grow up to be new Satan and take over the world.

This movie is two and a quarter hours long and yes, that is all the storyline there is. There is no point for it to go on for so long and the amount of manufactured tension was ridiculous. The main climax only happened with eight minutes of the movie left so you can tell how anti-climactic that all was! The characters were horrendous and the way Guy treated Rosemary was disgusting. It was like she was a child! Just their relationship dated this movie so much let alone the rest of it!


The actual movie wasn’t even scary. There was nothing besides the anticipation of something happening. Obviously the actually idea of the movie is the scary bit, imagine giving birth to the one thing that will bring humanity’s destruction, now that’s terrifying. But this movie dragged and dragged and dragged and I would not recommend it. It’s way too old fashioned for today’s audience and I just didn’t like it.

If you did like this movie please let me know why as I would be very interested.

Until next time.


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