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Little Evil Review

I stumbled upon this gem on Netflix recently and I must say I absolutely adore it. To give you some backstory it’s basically a parody of The Omen and it is every bit funny as it is scary and a really good watch.


Little Evil is about a man who has recently married a woman who he is besotted with. But she has a son, Lucas, who she apparently had after being sacrificed to Satan during her cult days because she was a virgin. Basically Rosemary’s Baby but a lot less creepy. Gary, Lucas’ new step dad learns of the child’s evil but of course his mother doesn’t see it and hates him for it. How could her little angel be the anti-christ? Gary must choose between killing the child or possibly dying himself or accepting his new family. The ending? Well it may surprise you.

This movie is brilliantly fun and really captures your attention. From the child’s brilliant acting and persona of the original Omen to Gary’s constant torture between finding the truth and trying to keep the love of his life happy. It’s certainly a different type of movie and one I can imagine would easily be overlooked for being ‘too weird’ but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


The connections between the original Omen and this movie are easy to follow (even if you haven’t seen the original) and the characters within it are fun to watch and give you a different insight into fatherhood and the trials and tribulations you have to go through.

I also loved the fact that no one believed Gary thus making his interactions with Lucas funnier and even more frustrating. At times it even had me questioning whether this kid was the anti-christ or just a bad kid.

This movie is brilliant to watch and isn’t too long or too deep. The comedy is good, the characters are fun and the story is definitely an interesting one. There’s a few twists in there too which keep you on your toes and definitely make it all the more enjoyable.

Whether you love horrors or comedies or parodies or whatever this is definitely a movie I would add to your watch list.

What do you think of Little Evil?

Until next time.



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