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Sainsbury Christmas Advert 2017 Review

Last year’s Sainsbury’s advert was cute. I wasn’t huge on the song but enjoyed the message behind it. Again this year Sainsbury’s have gone with another song but one a bit more honest and a bit more close to home.


This one is all about the various parts that make Christmas from the obligatory sock gift to the Brussel sprouts and the making of the presents (and losing the end of the tape – a horrible feeling for anyone). It’s all about the little things at Christmas instead of trying to create some whimsical story or show like other companies have done.

I really enjoyed this advert because it was simple but effective. Watching it it seems very amateur-ish but in a good way, like you yourself could be a part of it too. And I bet that saved Sainsbury’s a few bucks too.


Then there’s the song and even though it doesn’t rhyme it has an obvious message and does give you a bit of a warm and fuzzy feeling. This is like a proper British advert with none of the fireworks or flares but just a lovely little look inside people’s homes and how everyone can relate and people can feel more included and less alone.

It may not be my favourite but it’s definitely one that I have enjoyed watching. Although, I do feel after a while that song will get horrendously annoying.

What do you think of the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert?

Watch it below!



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