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The Haunting of Bly Manor Review

Going into the show I really didn’t expect much and of course you’re going to compare it to The Haunting of Hill House, it’s inevitable. But by the end the story was so different to Hill House that we just cannot compare them, it’s a beautiful tale of love and loss. The horror element was there and yes it was scary but really that wasn’t the point of the show at all.

Bly Manor follows a family who have gone through tragedy in losing their parents and their nanny who was looking after them. So a new nanny comes along and crazy hauntings start again. At first I really couldn’t get into this show, the accent of the narrator was just horrific and the children were the most annoying creatures to ever grace my screen, but as you got further into it you started to learn more about these characters and love them. The things that you started to hate just didn’t matter anymore because you were so invested with the story.

Talking about it in terms of Hill House, this cannot be comparable because the story was so rich with the emotion, the feeling, and I feel people who went into the show (including me) who tried to compare it to Hill House would be sorely disappointed. Hill House was terrifying and it had that family aspect that just threw you in immediately, where as this one is much more of a drama, it’s much more a slow burn about watching these people go through these things and learn more about what is actually happening in this manor.

Hill House went about the way they portrayed their story differently, whereas Bly Manor is something so much deeper, so when people compare the two I just do not understand how they can once they get past the first few episodes. Yes it doesn’t have as much spook or as much horror as Hill House did but it was just as rich in its drama and its storytelling. The way it conveyed feelings and emotion and how over time things and people can easily be forgotten or erased is such a different moral than what Hill House was trying to convey.

To me, the moral of this story is that everyone is going to die and it’s a horrible thing that everyone will have to deal with, but that doesn’t mean that the person is gone. While their body may be dead and buried you’ve still got the memories, you’ve got the feelings that they gave you and you know everything that’s happened with them is still living through you. I think that’s the whole point, yes people die, people leave us but what is left is how they made us feel and all the things that they bought to our lives. So we should not be scared of death but rather think of it as a moment of realising how lucky you were to spend those years, those days, those months, whatever it may be with that person.

Bly Manor is an absolutely gorgeous TV show and I’m writing this literally minutes after finishing the show and even now I am still quite emotional over it. The characters I hated at the start I learnt to love and the characters I loved I learnt to love even more. It’s just absolutely gorgeous and I cannot recommend it enough, so if you haven’t seen it please do because it is utterly incredible.

But what do you think? What is your take from Bly Manor and were you disappointed after watching Hill House? Or were you like me and started off a bit unsure but ended up loving it all the same?

Until next time.

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