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Death Becomes Her Review

I had heard so much about this film from a particular YouTube channel I watch and so when this finally came to Netflix I had to watch it, and it was not what I expected at all.

Death Becomes Her follows an actress called Madeleine, played by Meryl Streep, who feels she is getting old. She is losing her touch and her relationship with her husband Ernest, played by Bruce Willis, is deteriorating.

She gets invited to a very expensive looking mansion where she is offered a potion that will immortalise her in her youth, so she will always be beautiful, but it comes with a catch that this is her only body and so if she were to die it would start to deteriorate but she would not perish.

But the interesting thing about this story is Madeleine actually stole her husband from one of her best friends, Helen Sharp, played by Goldie Hawn and it turns out that Helen also took the same potion.

This movie is incredibly camp and incredibly quotable. It has a cult following and you can really see why because of the type of movie it is. It’s one of those films that you go in to based on the trailer and the artwork of the actual film because it’s so mesmerising and you come out thinking ‘what was that?’ and ‘can I watch it again?’.

The lines from this film are so easily quotable and I feel it’s one of those films that will stick around with you for a while because it’s so good. Meryl’s performance is iconic! She’s hilarious, she’s smart, she’s camp and weird and just fabulous. I also feel the costume design in this film would make some great Halloween looks too.

I think it’s really interesting as well seeing Bruce Willis in a different role than what he’s done before. He’s known as this action hero and in this he plays this bumbling alcoholic who has lost his livelihood and is now living off of painting corpses for their funerals, it’s quite funny to see him in this role because it’s so different from anything else.

I highly recommend this film and I’m sad I didn’t watch it sooner because it is such a great film. It has so many iconic moments that really stand out to you and each character and actor is perfect for the role they play, even if it is a bit unconventional. It’s one of those films that you’ll ever love or hate and for me it’s a film that I thoroughly enjoyed. It reminds me of Clueless, for example, because it’s so memorable and so of its time and even though it is from the early 90s and the CGI is a bit clunky it’s not bad at all and it makes for a great viewing.

What do you think of Death Becomes Her?

Until next time.

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