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Human Resources Review

I have always been a big advocate for Big Mouth. I feel Big Mouth is a great way to start looking at sex and puberty for teenagers, however in the later seasons I did feel it tailed off a bit and lost its way. However, with this spin-off show, I was very excited to watch it. So did it hold up to my expectations?

Human Resources looks at the monsters that help people deal with their everyday lives, including the Logic Rock, the Hormone Monsters, the Love Bugs and even the Shame Wizard. Alongside these cast of characters there are many others too which basically encapsulate each one of our emotions that we go through during our lives, think Inside Out but a lot more adult.

The one issue I have with this show is I don’t know whether it has marginalised its audience. In the show we see the Love Bug that we follow is assigned to a pregnant woman and we see her go through postpartum and everything that comes with having a new baby, and while there are other stories happening too this is the main one. Having a woman going through pregnancy I feel ostracises its audience with people that would never connect with that character. We saw with Turning Red that a lot of the male critics had issues watching it because they could not connect with the main character on an emotional level, and with this show I worry they have also pigeonholed themselves in a way that only women who want children or have had children can understand this character.

However if we look past that main plot point the actual characters are really fun to watch, there’s lots of things going on and because we move away from the teenage side of hormones and shame into the adult side, more mature audiences can really enjoy and get something out of it. I think it has the perfect mix of lightheartedness as well as being a bit more deep when it needs to be without being preachy.

I was a little worried at how well this show would be versus Big Mouth but actually watching it I really enjoyed it and would happily watch another season if they do decide to do one. I do wonder if they could have more of an open storyline in the second season versus the pregnancy in the first because, while love and shame and logic and hormones are all a big part of pregnancy and postpartum, having a character that more people could resonate with and understand could mean better ratings and a more enjoyable watch for the audience.

What do you think of Human Resources?

Until next time.

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