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Top 10 Reviews – May 2022

May is always a great time of the year as we welcome warmer weather, lighter nights and that feeling that summer is just around the corner. But on my website we also had a fantastic month of some of my most favourite reviews I’ve done so far this year, so what were the top 10 most read?

Our Father

Hardly surprising that this was my most read review in May. This is a harrowing documentary that looks at a fertility Doctor who inseminated dozens of women between the 70s and 80s and the children only found out about it through online DNA testing. This is a must see if you want to see how horrific humans can be in reality vs movies and TV shows.

Wild Babies

A lovely documentary looking at the first few months of animal’s lives in the wild, from lions to dolphins to seals, it has a whole bunch of characters that you love to watch however this wasn’t a completely positive review. I thought they could’ve delved into the harshness of the wilderness more and not paint it all as positive.

Bullsh*t: The Game Show

A new game show that has come to Netflix that is very enjoyable, it’s one of the only game shows out there where you don’t need to get any of the questions right to win the million dollar jackpot, however I have many issues with the show mostly stemming from its name and how that can really ostracise and niche down your audience because people don’t like swearing.

Top 10 Reviews – April 2022

If you enjoy lists like these that give you many different options for films and TV shows to watch then I highly recommend last months top 10 reviews as well because it will give you even more to sink your teeth into.

City of Ember

A film that was very adventurous and exciting but had some major potholes that I couldn’t get past. This may be a family friendly film but watching it as a lone adult I enjoyed it as much as I would watching it with others, but I wonder if you have the same issues with it that I did…

Selling Sunset the Reunion

Selling Sunset season five was an absolutely crazy show that focused on two main characters, so when one of those characters doesn’t turn up at the reunion you start to wonder what this could’ve been if she was there. However her absence didn’t ruin the reunion and it was actually very enjoyable to watch, if you are obsessed with Selling Sunset as much as I am then you need to watch this special.

She’s All That

Watching this movie for the first time as a 26-year-old did it hold up as much as I expected it to, or was it a bit of a time capsule of the late 90s? This film was perfectly fine in my opinion but I did have some big issues with it, and I also reference the gender bent remake He’s All That in this review too, so make sure you read it to hear my thoughts on that.

Four Hours at the Capitol

A fascinating documentary looking at the takeover of the Capitol building by Trump supporters after Biden is declared the new president. Using real life footage from the events it really gives you a stark and honest look at what happened that day and how crazy it is when cult like behaviour gets to a point that it harms other people.

Ricky Gervais: SuperNature

This comedy special was getting a lot of hate online so I watched it to form my own opinion, and I found the hate online very overplayed because there were many other things that he said that were much worse in this special. If you have seen the outrage on social media then you need to read this review to form an unbiased opinion on whether what Ricky Gervais said was really that bad or whether it’s just been taken out of context.

Doctor Who: Once, Upon Time

I have reviewed all of the most recent Doctor Who series’ episodes and this is one of the episodes that I think was one of the worst. This episode was ridiculous and very hard to follow and unfortunately that seems to be the trend for this season. I have reviews coming up of the later episodes still to be published so make sure you come back to read them in the future.

Thank you for a fantastic month of May and I’m excited to see what June brings, not only is it my birthday month but I have some very exciting reviews lined up for you too.

Until next time.

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