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Top 10 Reviews – April 2022

April was a great month not only with the weather changing but also the reviews I wrote for this website. I really feel as the year goes on I’m getting into the swing of things and I hope that’s reflected in my writing.

So let’s now reflect on the top 10 most read reviews of April and what you enjoyed the most.

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

I am not surprised that this was the most read review of April as it was such a prolific event that touched so many peoples’ lives. This documentary shed light on Jimmy Savile, who he was and how he raised to have such enormous power, and how he used that power to exploit young people and children.

Selling Sunset Season Five

The continuation of the Chrishell and Christine show. Season five didn’t bring much new to the table and while it was enjoyable for a person who has enjoyed the show so far, it is certainly one of the more forgettable seasons.

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

A fascinating look at cryptocurrency and how so easily things could go wrong. From a man having access to millions of dollars worth of peoples’ crypto currency and suddenly dying to the company losing the passwords to all of this money, but is he really dead or was it all a ruse to disappear with the money himself?


A look back at the much loved cartoon that I have only watched for the first time as an adult. From its fascinating characters to its sinister story and ultimately very weird events, this review is a very candid look at an adult trying to understand the world of Pinocchio that really doesn’t make much sense at all.

The King’s Man

The weakest of the three films, The King’s Man looks at the beginning of the secret service and how it came to be. It’s a fascinating look into its history, however I don’t think it was really needed, although the character of Rasputin definitely made it worth the watch.

Anatomy of a Scandal

A brilliant British drama looking at a politician on trial for the sexual assault of one of his co-workers and all of the history that this brings up. It’s a fascinating look at the law system in the UK and how things that you hope are hidden for the rest of your life could easily be brought up when you are being held accountable.

The Bubble

An absolutely terrible Netflix film that had a lot of promise but didn’t hit the right markers. I ultimately did not finish this film because I didn’t want to waste more of my life on it, but my review gives a very candid look at the film and why I think you shouldn’t waste your time on it either.

Turning Red

A great look at a girl’s transition into womanhood and how scary and difficult those times can be, all personified in the character of a giant red panda. It’s a brilliant portrayal of this time in any girl’s life and really helps you come to terms with what is happening to your body, even if instead of you becoming a giant red panda, it is just your period starting.


A terrifying look at a real life event that changed the lives of so many. Chernobyl is a story of greed, bad men in power, and how so often it is the workers that take the brunt of the catastrophe. It is incredibly emotional and provocative but a brilliant watch if you can stomach it.

Death on the Nile

I love a good murder mystery and this one was right up my street, from a stellar cast to a brilliant storyline and touching moments that I did not expect, this film was a bit slow to start but once it got into the mystery it really amped up and kept me engaged from start to finish.

Thank you for another momentous month in April and I’m excited to see, as the warmer weather comes, what May has to bring for us all too.

Until next time.

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