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Stranger Things: The Monster and the Superhero Review

Episode three in Stranger Things season four has jumped to the next level, this was the first episode where I couldn’t watch certain parts because it was too gory for me and I love that, because it really set the theme for where the season is going and excites me so much.

In episode three everything begins to change, episode one and two have set up the beginnings of the story perfectly in explaining who Vecna could be and what the group are going through and now finally, moments can happen that affects the group themselves including Eleven being taken by the government to reinstate her powers or so we think at this point, Joyce finding out that Hopper is alive and being able to save him from the Russian prison as well as one of our favourite characters, Max, being the possible next victim of Vecna and being hunted down.

The one part that I could not watch in this episode was Hopper using his broken foot to take the shackles off of his legs. I said in previous reviews that Stranger Things can be very gory, however when a person dies the pain and torture is over very quickly, but knowing that Hopper has to go through this pain and turmoil to be able to get home to see his friends and family is absolutely horrific and shows the lengths he’ll go to to achieve just that. This was the part that I had turned away from because it was so horrible to even hear the sound of the chains going over the foot and even writing this now it makes me cringe to think back to it.

But despite the gore of this episode, one aspect I loved is that Max, a main character, is now under threat by Vecna and the group have to work together quicker to be able to save her life. It really adds an extra element of excitement and terror into the show because before it was random characters that you didn’t really care about being attacked, whereas now being someone who is still reeling after the death of her brother it’s really sad for her to have to deal with this too. Plus the fact that we now know how Vecna attacks these people through their own guilt of what they’ve done in the past makes it a really interesting plot point and I’m excited to see how it’s expanded on as the episodes continue.

This show and this season just keeps getting better, it is absolutely fantastic! None of the storylines have bored me yet and I just want to know where everything is going to go. I’m really excited to see how they deal with Vecna and Max‘s character and whether she will survive or not and how the group are going to deal with Hopper finally being reunited with them, I can imagine a lot of tears will be shed at that point.

What do you think of The Monster and the Superhero?

Until next time.

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