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AHS Cult Trailer Review

Oooo, is this about to get political?


The newest American Horror Story series trailer has been released and this series apparently focuses around cults….but I honestly don’t see it.

It begins with Trump becoming president. Some are happy, some are sad but some can’t take it as easily as others. Sarah Paulson’s character has a therapist she speaks to about her worries, especially a clown, the clown we saw in Freak Show known as Twisty. Clowns are a big part of this series.

But on the other side of the spectrum Evan Peters’ character who rejoices in the fact that Trump is president. He befriends a girl, we know her as one of the Chanel’s from Scream Queens, to help him terrorise Sarah Paulson. A bit random, I don’t really get why he’d do this especially to just one person, and it also doesn’t seem very cult-y. Well not yet anyway.


The last series of AHS, Roanoke, was awful. Absolutely terrible and I hated it so I hope this series can be much better. Of course we’ve lost some amazing cast members but we’ll have to see if that makes a lot of difference to the show itself. What bugs me about this trailer for the series is that it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with a cult. More two people with anger at the world wanting to terrorise people’s lives. I’m not too sure how a cult is going to work into Trump’s presidency either. And this series will anger some fans too especially if they support Trump, or maybe it won’t, maybe it’s in favour of him….who knows.

I want a proper cult presence in the series. Give me Jonestown, give me fear and tension and a foreboding presence hanging over the show. Don’t give me what Murder House seemed to be, where people were being terrorised by others. That’s not what I have signed up for in this series and to be honest if it ends up like that I will be pretty disappointed.

They’ve got a lot to prove.

What do you think of AHS Cult?

Until next time.


  1. I’m hoping Cult lives up to previous series like Murder House, Asylum and Freak Show. They were all very good ones. I had no interest in Roanoke at all, same with Coven. When I saw the clowns in the series I thought of the ‘killer clowns’ thing that was happening in America last year(?), but I don’t know if that was their premise for having the clowns in the series. I like the idea of it starting around Trump becoming president, because it can really open some doors for plot lines.


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