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Big Mouth Season 3 Review

This season seemed to be all about the girls (mostly) and I was here for it!


Big Mouth season 3 continues on from season 2 with the same familiar bunch of characters, except this time things go a little sideways.

Let’s skip over the ‘weird’ bits shall we?

Andrew has a crush on his cousin – why was this needed?

Nick gets a new phone that is very suggestive (the actual phone, seriously, it’s a kinky little device!)

and…well really that’s it for weird, apart from the Duke Ellington episode that honestly I felt added nothing to the overall series.


So now onto the good parts.

As I said, this season seemed to be more about the women. Andrew’s mum going through menopause (which was actually very interestingly told), Jessie learning about female orgasms (which again was very simply told in a way that teenage me would’ve understood completely) and Missy’s new hormone mistress: a wonderful creature that really helps Missy explore her more dominant side.

I’ll be honest, Missy’s hormone mistress was my favourite thing to come from this season. She really showed Missy, and the audience, that you can own your sexual being and take control. It’s not all about the men getting to be the dominant ones but women can too. And this goes further than just sex. It showed that women can be empowered, they can own themselves and have self confidence and that they shouldn’t be ashamed. I also loved that her hormone mistress was so different to Jessie’s. Jessie’s was great in getting you through puberty and helping you through the ins and outs but Missy’s bought empowerment with her. Even just watching the way she acted and encouraged Missy made me feel more bad-ass in myself!

This season also delved into drugs which I think was very interesting but they didn’t really show drugs in a negative light, more in how they can effect your brain and how you live your life. I think if the show progresses doing an episode all about drugs like they did the contraception one would be fascinating to watch. It dipped its toes into the drug pool but I definitely think they should bring it up again and dive right in.

I thoroughly enjoyed this season even if I felt some episodes were unneeded or dragged a little. Season 2 will always be my favourite for education and season one for comedy.

What did you think of Big Mouth season 3?

Until next time.

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