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Happy Death Day 2U Review

This movie was strange. Compared to the original, which was a horror/comedy mix, this one was much more heartfelt and I don’t know how to feel about it.

Happy Death Day 2U follows Tree again who has moved on from her ordeal of living her birthday every day and now has a relatively normal life. That is until one of her friends starts experiencing the same issue that she did.

It turns out that he has a science experiment that can warp the world around them. So in the multi-verse theory there are many different universes that live side-by-side and with this experiment it is able to transport you between this world and another. Unfortunately one fateful evening this happens to Tree and she is transported back to that Groundhog Day experience again.

But this time it’s different. Different storylines are happening, different people are playing different roles and her mother who died when she was young is alive again. Tree has to make the hard decision whether she wants to stay in this new reality where her mum is still alive or go back to her original reality where her mum is dead but she has her boyfriend instead.

You can see this movie had moments of horror and suspense and the comedy that it had in the original but there were also a lot of heartfelt moments and ‘what would you do?’ moments that really made you think about what you would do if you ended up in a situation where you got to spend time with a loved one that you didn’t get to spend with anymore.

Could you make the choice to go back to a world where that loved one is no longer with you? Or would you stay in this new reality where you can live out your days with them by your side again? I think it was a beautiful story about grief and tragedy. Getting the chance to spend time with someone again is so precious and we should never take the time we have with someone for granted in our lives.

Surprisingly while this movie is marketed as horror comedy the sweetness of it really shone through and I did find myself getting quite emotional at certain scenes because I could imagine myself in her shoes, not knowing what to do but also not wanting this place with her mother to end. It was a very sweet story and while the actual movie didn’t have a lot going for it apart from this main will she/won’t she storyline I was still hooked from start to finish and it was very interesting.

If you’re a diehard fan of the horror comedy side of the original movie then this might not be the sequel for you, but if you really got engulfed in these characters and who they were and what their storylines were then you might enjoy it. I personally really enjoyed it although it was not what I was expecting, I think in some ways the way they did it was the only good way they could’ve, because they could’ve ruined the franchise with an inconsequential sequel but instead they made a sweet little story that kind of finished off the film’s storyline and I do hope there isn’t another one because I quite liked how this one ended.

What did you think of Happy Death Day 2U? I would recommend it but be prepared that it is not the same movie that the original was.

Until next time.

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