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Suits Season Two Review

Interestingly this season went down the same route as Bones season two where, while you still had some episode only story lines, you also got a bigger overarching one, and this story line for the season was the other founder of Pearson Hardman coming back and trying to show that he has turned over a new leaf after being ousted for stealing money from the firm to help his sick wife.

In this season we continue the story of Mike and Harvey as they work on cases to help the people that they are defending. It’s an interesting season and I also like the inclusion that more people are now finding out what Mike’s secret is and having to deal with that knowledge because it could make them all look bad, this includes Jessica and Rachel.

Mike and Rachel’s romance is a really nice storyline, I like their on again off again dynamic and how they both have feelings for each other but neither one is really ready to admit it or commit. Also the fact that there is so much bubbling away underneath the romance really makes it dynamic and interesting to watch, even though it’s very similar to others. Knowing that Mike is worried about Rachel finding out his secret and ruining his life and career while also Rachel feeling like Mike is always hiding something from her and that he is never truthful, plus her own issues with her family and wanting to go to Harvard, is all very interesting and engaging. I do wonder how it will go in future seasons though, especially as they seem to be getting quite close.

Daniel Hardman was an interesting character because he brought a new dynamic to the firm. You never quite knew what you were getting from him and you never knew whether to believe him or not which gave him an interesting dynamic, plus having his story unveiled over time was interesting and kept you wanting to watch to know more about what happened and how the firm is going to deal with it. However I did find this with How to Get Away with Murder, some of their overarching storylines got a bit boring after a while and because there were so many episodes in a season some of them ended up being filler for the overarching one. I hope that Suits doesn’t follow this trend and stays interesting enough that I won’t want to stop watching it, much like I have done with Bones, because it just got a bit too repetitive and underwhelming.

However if you enjoy crime shows of high-powered people doing interesting things than I think this show is one for you. It’s an interesting concept, I’m still enjoying the characters that we’re watching, even Lewis is growing on me now, and I can’t wait to see how the storylines continue into the seasons beyond this.

What do you think of Suits season two?

Until next time.

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