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13th Doctor Reveal!

So the 13th Doctor for Doctor Who has been released….and it’s a woman!


Jodie Whittaker has been announced as the 13th doctor who will take up the role in the Christmas special! Jodie Whittaker is probably mainly known for her character in Broadchurch but I actually recognised her from Attack the Block. Is that sad? I’m not too sure.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen her in a lot of things and the things I have seen her in she has played pretty serious characters. I just hope she doesn’t make the Doctor too serious and they are able to keep the character’s old whimsical ways in the future. But then again, maybe a more serious tone will be more welcoming, especially if it means scarier episodes.

But the Doctor? A woman? I’ll be honest I was skeptical because I’m so used to seeing the Doctor as a man, I mean, that’s all the character has ever been. But maybe this’ll be good, Missy worked well as a character so I don’t see why a female Doctor can’t work well too. But I can imagine it’ll take some getting used to and of course there’ll be people out there who are against it.

What you have to remember is the Doctor is an alien, it’s lucky they look human in the first place! The Doctor could literally regenerate into anything so why should a woman be so shocking? I’d be more shocked if he came back as a jelly baby!


I am unsure of this casting but I hope it’ll be good and could even bring a new audience to Doctor Who. I wasn’t sure of Capaldi and he was an amazing Doctor so I think we all have to be open to this change.

It is the 21st Century after all so maybe a female Doctor isn’t ‘wrong’ or ‘un-tradtional’ maybe it’s time to let go of those ideas planted in our heads and give her a shot, I’m hoping it’ll be a series to remember.

What do you think of the new Doctor?

Until next time.


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