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Top 10 Reviews – November 2021

Each month seems to be getting faster and faster and November was no exception! So before all the Christmas festivities start officially, let’s look back on the month and see what you enjoyed reading…

The Stepdad

Disney’s 2021 Christmas advert was an enjoyable one however my review wasn’t all praises and niceness. I did have some issues and I wonder if you agree with me…

Inside Job

A new animated series that has come to Netflix that rivals the likes of Big Mouth and Rick and Morty. And while I’m a big fan of both those shows, this one unfortunately didn’t entertain me as much as they do.

Love Hard

The first Christmas movie I watched this year and I feel I started off with a good one. Including an interesting cast, a good moral story, and some very funny moments, this film is any romcom film buffs dream that we can all enjoy.

You Season Three

I very much enjoyed the angle this season went down with the inclusion of Love and their baby, however I do still standby my point that season four shouldn’t be a thing and this should be the end. What do you think?

Go All Out This Christmas

I’m surprised this review is as high as it was! Sports Direct is a shop that I rarely shop in, however I really enjoyed this Christmas advert regardless of whether I understood who the sports personalities that were shown were or not. It was a very enjoyable and easy piece that moulded together the world of sport and Christmas perfectly.

Red Notice

A fantastic heist film with a stellar cast and lots of funny jokes. I could definitely watch this movie again, as I did with my boyfriend, and still enjoy it as much as the first time.

Bags of Joy

The first Christmas advert to make me cry. Boots really outdid themselves with this one and this advert really encapsulates what Christmas really is and what it means to so many people.

Make the Season Anything but Ordinary

Marks & Spencer‘s non-food advert for Christmas definitely didn’t hold up to its actual food advert. This was a strange piece that I could not connect with and didn’t make me feel Christmassy at all.

Percy Pig Comes Alive

Now this is the Christmas Marks & Spencer advert that I really appreciate! From its high budget of its voice actors to the delicious food that always makes me think of my perfect Christmas, this advert was a delight for all ages.

Big Mouth Season Five

I really enjoyed this season for its overarching storyline, however to get to the moral of said storyline you had to wait until the last episode and during it some of the episodes in between just didn’t hold as well as they used to. I still very much enjoy the show and I like the artistic direction it’s going down, however I definitely feel it was better in the earlier seasons, and has kind of lost its way as it gets older.

Thank you once again for all your support throughout November and I’m excited to see where December takes us. I am less than 1000 views away from my yearly goal and I am so proud of myself and my little website for all that it has achieved!

Until next time.

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